More than you think

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Let illness not hold us back from doing the work God has called us to do. The lead vocalist from The Ember Days was really too ill to sing. But that didn't stop her and her band from following through with God's plan. 

Lately a few sisters from church were heading to a mission trip, but in ill health, yet, they did not stop to rest, they pushed through, for His glory. 

The Ember Days acoustic sessions reminds me of Gungor, beautiful one. It's the same spirit-filled mesmerizing intimate feel. But they are from down under- well New Zealand.

Chord charts available on their website. Their website takes a while to load, but do check them out. They are funny and talented.

Free download from @TheEmberDays #theemberdays #freemusic #morethanyouthink

They are currently touring the US!

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