Movie review: Elevator Girl (2010)

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Another Hallmark movie.
Movie summary:  Elevator Girl (2010) is another guy meets girl romance. Boring, successful lawyer (Johnathan) meets the free-spirited Liberty when they get stuck in an elevator together. The attraction is instant, but then reality sinks in. Liberty doesn't fit into the boring corporate dinners that Johnathan brings her to. He doesn't fit into her work-class lifestyle where she has multiple jobs (receptionist, dj, chef, - basically, jack of all trades because she doesn't finish anything). Johnathan starts finding it hard to concentrate at work and makes some mistakes before breaking it up with Liberty. 
The two find that they miss each other like crazy when they break up and make changes in themselves - compromise, before getting back together. And true to the theme they get married (in the same elevator) and it's assumed they live happily ever after. 

My thoughts: Ok, if you are looking for Oscar winning acting, this is not where you would find it. But this film tackles an age-old issue. Do opposites attract? And when opposites attract, does it work? 
According to these films, it does. But commonalities in these films and books suggest that both individuals have to make compromises, they have to learn to adjust to each other's lifestyles. Whenever two individuals come together, whether they are from different races, different religions, different family backgrounds, different age ranges... they have to adapt to the views, habits, etc of the other individual. 

One of the exercises I get my clients to do in couples therapy is to reflect on their own family of origin experiences. What it was like for them growing up, what kind of role models they had. It's also about understanding the family of origin of your partner and why their behavior is the way it is. And then to decide together, what needs to change. 

Now, as a Christian, the bible has a few guidelines as to what type of partner we should choose. The most important is that we should not be yoked with unbelievers. 
2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

But this guy/girl has christian morals! But this person has better behavior than those christian guys/girls at church! But there are no christian girls/guys at church in my age range! But there are problems even in christian couples, But But But... There are a million come backs. Then there is the obvious, what if he/she becomes a Christian later because of my influence.... well, perhaps that can be the case. After all, relationships is about forming unified visions, directions and goals right? That's the problem, we too can be influenced by our partner, even if we would like to think we are the stronger of the two. The bible doesn't even say, should not... the bible says DO NOT. 

Yeah, opposites can attract, and you can meet a non-believer someone and fall in love with them. BUT is there happily ever after? BUT is this what God desires for your life? BUT who will compromise in the end? 

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