Review: Boy meets girl - Part I

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Review: Boy meets girl - Part I. Rethinking romance

Summary: Boy Meets Girl was written by Pastor Joshua Harris who wrote I kissed dating goodbye (I'll review this later). In the first chapter Josh tells us how his attitude changed from not being ready to be married to being attracted to one girl... but eventually marrying another. He explains that courtship fills the gap between friendship and being lovers. Courtship is a relationship between a man and a women who are actively and intentionally together to consider marriage (p27). There is a purpose- to see if God wanted the two people to marry.

Whats the point? Fall in love and get married, why bother with courtship? Falling in love was God's idea. but Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. Songs of Solomon 8:4. With wisdom we will realize that patience is required. Josh describes a "mismash romance" as going to a nice restaurant and asking everything, the drinks, soup, salad, entree, dessert all to be blended together and served at once. Instead, when you take time to build relationships, you can see it grow from acquaintance, friendship, courtship, engagement and marriage. It becomes a beautiful process, which we can enjoy.
Wisdom teaches us to consider what's the best for the other person. A selfless desire to do what's best for the other.
Wisdom calls us to base our emotions and perceptions in reality.

Then Josh goes into asking who? how? when?
1. God is interested in the journey not just the destination
2. Don't overspiritualize decision making. God doesn't only speak through the bible he speaks through the Church, christian friends, books, etc.
3. Our romanticized ideal of what we want in a spouse is often different from what God says matters. There are some specific characteristics, such as a wife of noble character, etc.

My thoughts: Josh communicates his messages really well through the use of real stories and honesty. Although the concepts in the book aren't new, he certainly makes them really real and achievable despite the pressures of the modern world where sex is rampant, love is given freely and divorce is prevalent. Thanks. I really appreciated the real stories he put in the book. He illustrates well how God can give us more than we imagined in his own way.

Although I have been doing a bit of reading and research in this area, the book gave me fresh insights. After reading the first section, I've realized the many misconceptions I have had on relationships. Now I understand more the need for a period of time to know someone, for courtship.

I don't think I have fully considered what is best for the other person. Whether my actions are really beneficial to the other person. I had been selfish in the past, really selfish, unwise, in fact, down right stupid.

He helped answer some of my other questions about clear and specific guidance as well...

Wisdom, definitely something worth praying for each day.

Part II

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