Letting go and moving forward

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I find my thought scattered. At the same time of letting go of thoughts and ideas, I think I am moving on, but one never truly forgets the past. It's about not making new decisions based on past judgements, but past experience.

It was also a week of practising gratitude. Here are some of the things I shared with my FB friends this week:
- Feedback- both positive and constructive feedback in both my research and my clinical practice, without which I will fail to improve
- The absolutely packed weekend including the baptisms of dear friends and soccer with my guys. 
- The opportunities to travel and have adventures.
-My wallpaper being changed to remind me that it's R U Ok? Day. This day recognizes that unlike physical insults mental health concerns and pain can be unseen. And that support from others is a really important part of recovery.
- Waking up from uninterrupted sleep and having both a song in my head and smile on my face.
- The little things in life like bumping into a friend at the train station, getting a free coffee, a strangers smile (and phone number lol), getting a lovely message in my inbox, a wonderfully productive yet peaceful day at work, and making it to the train station with plenty of time to spare.
- The beautiful Aussie landscape on my morning epic commute.
- The phone and technology that allows me to call those who are not so close to me.
- The colour green which brings feelings of comfort, freshness and renewal of energy.
Three things I am grateful for today. 
- Being able to do a job I love- being able to give support to people in their weakness and help them reach their potential
- Being able to serve in children's ministry- each kid is more important to me than they realise.
- Having a great team to both work with and serve with.
- My family who have stood behind me and supported me through life's many challenges over the years, and particularly in the last 12 months. 
- Friends who love me despite my quirks.
- A heavenly father that loves me, His grace and His forgiveness.

I've started the final revision process of my Phd, clinical endorsement has been wrapped up, and I've started to finally open up to the idea of dating. So I am at quite a cross road as to where I head in my career, what I do, and for a first time in a long time, the idea of actually putting myself out there, vulnerable, to meet people, make friends with the male gender. 

Somehow uprooting myself and starting fresh in a new city, with new people would make it easy to perhaps finally have a life I want. But sticking around also has it's sweet spots- my kids, I'd miss them, my in-between client swims, home made dinners by mum, my room, which is a safe haven, my clinical reputation that I'm building here. So I ask myself, are you ready to let go of the life you have now, to experience a life you could have? It is by faith whether I stay or I go. 

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