Capsule wardrobe for emotional health

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Last year, I bought 2 new dressers because I ran out of room in my double mirrored wardrobe. Yet, despite all the clothes and all the wardrobe space, I found that I couldn't find what I wanted to wear AND I always ended up wearing the same 2 pairs of pants, 3 t-shirts and jacket anyway.

I have been purging my wardrobe lately. Last weekend, I threw out 7 pairs of shoes including a pair of shoes I wore to my high school formal, and between you and me, that was decades ago. This weekend, I threw away a large garbage bag full of winter gear including purple and green tights I believe I only wore once, in the store where I bought them. I am hoping someone somewhere will get good use of these useless items of clothing I am donating.

How does it feel getting rid of the stuff? Amazingly great. And my plan for the rest of the year is to slowly throw out the clothes that a) don't fit b) don't fit well c) don't fit my style and functions I require. And if I am going to keep clothes for sentimental reasons, surely I can just take a photo of it in an app and keep that!

This is not a new concept, capsule wardrobes have done their rounds on pinterest, facebook and blogs. Capsule wardrobes are also a great idea for good emotional health. In fact, it's based on rules of minimalism. Only have what actually adds value.

When we only focus on our values, the clutter no longer becomes important, and I can finally give away the first scarf I knitted for a guy I liked and never gave away, as well as those pants I thought I would be able to fit into. The visual reminders of these things never did me any favours. Instead, I have my four pairs of uniqlo pants, and the same adidas shirt in four colours which I can wear at work and at play. All these things kind of go together, so in the morning, I don't really have to check if things match or if they fit me, because I know it does. And instead of the time I would spend matching clothes, and trying things on in the morning, I actually have time to read the bible and do a bit of stretching.

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