Movie Review: The notebook (2004)

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Movie summary:
An old man volunteers to read a story to an old lady at an old people's home. The story is about how wildly in love a young poor chap is with a rich young woman. And how they wrote their own love story.

My thoughts: It's a classic. I probably don't want a love story as extreme as the one shown, but I want to find someone who will love me like that. Who will stand by me through thick and thin, who will take a chance on me. It's a story of choices.

It's a beautiful film suitable for young adults to older people. It reminds me on the song Slip on By. Will you let your precious time slip away? Or will you tell your loved ones know how much they mean to you?

Will you tell your parents how much they have done for you? Will you spend time with your children? Will you "like" a friend's status you haven't seen in a long time? Will you make time for someone who needs a chat?

Let's love without regret today, because the bible never said we would have a tomorrow (on earth).

Slip on by - Finding favor

Early morning by the riverside,
Saw a old man waiting for a bite,
We started talking and he took me back in time.

He said I was young, and thought I'd always be,
Then I woke up, now I'm 83
There's so much I missed, oh how I wish
I could get back all that time I wasted. 

I see the tears of a young bride
The morning that we had our first fight.
I should've held her tight. 
And on the day that my momma died,
I hung up the phone and never said goodbye.

Don't let it slip on,
Don't let it slip on,
Don't let it slip on by.

Well, he looked up, tears in his eyes.
Said I'm not sure if you were looking for advice.
There's just something about you that reminds me of me.

It ain't easy always looking back, 
But it seem these days that it's all I have. 
What hurts me the most is knowing what could have been,
And if I listen real close sometimes I can

Hear the sound of my little boy saying
Daddy can you please come play with me?
But I was too busy. 
Then one day, my baby grew up and went to war. 
I never thought he'd be gone in the blink of an eye.

So don't let it slip on,
Don't let it slip on,
Don't let it slip on by.

I shook the old man's hand and thanks him. 
And I drove home as fast as I could go. 
Just to let her know,
That I need her,
That I love her, 
That I'm never gonna let another moment like this slip on by. 

We're only here for a little while,
And God give us only so much precious time.

So don't let it slip on,
Don't let it slip on,
Don't let it slip on by.

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