Movie review: Iron Man 3

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Movie summary: After the last movie, Tony Stark has been suffering panic attacks. He has been sleeping, but has been spending his time building different prototypes of this iron man suit. A new villain has come on the scene by a series of explosions where there is no trace of a device. Tony challenges this villain only to have his beautiful mansion destroyed and is presumed dead. The crazy villain continues to cause havoc even capturing the US president. Tony is left with a beaten up suit, and the help of a kid to save the day.

My thoughts: I loved it. Well, I am biased because Iron man is my favourite superhero. While chatting to the ticket clerk, we agreed on one thing. When there is a sequel, it's inevitable that people would make comparisons. Compared to the first two movies, this was really different. There seemed to be a stronger focus on relationships and a lot more explosives. As a girl, I really enjoyed the relationship building. But there was an overuse of explosives for my tastes. Must like the previous movies, it's really funny. No seriously, so funny. There were a few dull moments in the movie, and I was confused about how the enemies were actually defeated? But perhaps other people can shed some light?

So Why do I like Iron man best? Well partly because many superheros obtain their power by some cosmic energy source (superman, green lantern), some are victims of toxic spills or experiments (hulk, captain america) but essentially Iron Man made himself a hero. Even when he was presumed dead, and only had a heap of metal, he managed to save the day.

The suit did not make the man. The man made the suit. 

I was incredibly touched when Tony used the suit to protect his girl and he himself sustained the injuries. When I was talking to my Sunday school kids about iron man and other superheros, we discussed why they are powerful or why they are called superheros. Because they possess super powers! But villains also have superpowers ~ I challenged them. Because they save people. Police and doctors, etc save people everyday, why aren't they super heroes? Because they don't put themselves in harms way? They don't save enough people? They don't have a special ability? Because they are famous? Because they are a message of hope?

Well, my super hero had the power to heal the sick and blind, the power to move mountains, but he chose to die for me. He chose to save us, all of us. He wasn't bright green, he didn't display his incredible strength, he didn't wear tights, and he wasn't incredibly rich. He chose to be born in the most humble of circumstances, to ordinary folk, and he made friends with ordinary John's and Peter's. His name is Jesus.

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