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I had over 200 hits on my original post featuring Sanctus Real's promises a year ago. And now I'm revisiting the song because, this week's klove free song is promises- by sanctus real.

I've been feeling a little off recently. I know my God is real and he loves me so much, but I'm just overwhelmed by his amazing plans for me. Even though I could see him working all along, it's just so crazy how he pays attention to the little details in my life.

In sickness, in poverty, in stress, in depression, in suffering, in heart break, in mind-blanks. Hold on to the promises ~ because God does work for the good of those called according to his purpose. Don't forget to thank him :)

Guitar tabs / chords:
Promises by Sanctus Real

Intro: D, A, E 2X

Verse 1:
               D                  A
Sometimes it's hard to keep believing
   F#m            E
In what you can't see
                D                  A
That everything happens for a reason
Even the worst life brings
          D                 A
If you're reaching for an answer
        F#m                  E
And you don't know what to pray
     D             A
Just open up the pages
Let His word be your strength

         F#m                 D
And hold on to the promises (Hold tight)
     A                   E
Hold on to the promises (Alright)
F#m               D
Jesus is alive so hold tight
     A                 E
Hold on to the promises

Inst: D, F#m, A, E

Verse 2:
           D            A
All things work for the good
   F#m            E
Of those who love God
              D                      A
He holds back nothing that will heal you
Not even His own Son

    D             A
His love is everlasting
       F#m         E
His faithfulness unending
      D               A
Oh, if God is for us who can be against us
So if you feel weak

(Back to chorus)

        F#m       D
Neither life, nor death
      A    E
Could separate us
             F#m    D
From the eternal love
       A        E
Of our God who saves us (2X)

(Chorus 2X)
(Bridge,  End on D)

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