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Everyday, I see people struggle with regrets. A new taiwanese TV series follows the consequences of someone who has the chance to have a "do-over" in this particular "do-over", the person has the choice to (1) die, since loved one had already died in a traffic accident, (2) go back to the moment when they met that loved one, and to decide to not fall in love in the first place.

What would you decide? Is it better to have loved and lost, than to have never to have loved at all? What if, what if, what if?

The question that plagues us, only occurs because we have the benefit of hindsight. Do you think adam and eve would have eaten the fruit had they known it would lead to death? Would pharoah have sent all his men into the red sea knowing that the sea would swallow them up? Would Judas have betrayed Jesus if he had known that Jesus would die from a kiss? Would you have accepted someone's love knowing that you will both hurt in the future?

Given a do-over, what moment in time would you go back to?

Personally, I wouldn't go back in time to change any personal relationships that I have had in the past, because I believe that they have shaped the way I see relationships today. I do sometimes regret getting into arguments in the past. But by making so many mistakes in the past I have come to appreciate the love of Christ and the sinfulness of my past.

Would I change anything? Probably not.

Whether good, whether bad, whether important or not, all experiences are permitted by God. We may not understand - but he has his reasons. 

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