For the first time- Jason Bare

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Firsts are always memorable. Do you remember your first kiss, your first love, the first steps of your baby, the first day at school, first job?

There have been so many births this year, and the simple joy that parents describe their little bundles of joy.

Can you imagine when Mary and Joseph sees their baby for the first time? Not only are they beholding their baby for the first time. But they are also beholding the saviour for the first time.

For The First Time

Jason Bare

from the album For The First Time
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Any moment it could happen
He knew it was time by the look in her eyes
There was Joseph Holding Mary In this stable they wait
For this babe to arrive In a world so dark
Heaven and Earth would collide And would change who they are
As she laid him in a manger
Creation was hushed by the sound of His cry
And their eyes were filled with wonder
Could this be the same voice that brought us to life
Unbelievable The promise is this little child What a miracle (Chorus) This was the first time
Mortal eyes would see the Savior The first night
Heaven sings a song with nature
Alleluia Alleluia The world has seen the light For the first time As she rocks Him on her shoulder
Did she know it was only a matter of time
That one day when He is older
He will open His arms and give up His life
But tonight He sleeps As angels sing through the night
Of His majesty
Glory to God in the highest Peace on earth
Glory to God in the highest Peace on earth
This was the first time This was the first night

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