You are faithful

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This song is really speaking to my heart. Many know that I'm really struggling at the moment. Things are so tight, that I think I'm going to break. But I really never knew that anything could be this hard.

Guitar tabs:

Hawk Nelson- Faithful
"Faithful" by Hawk Nelson chords

Standard tuning
Capo 1
Intro: D- - - G-

Verse 1
You never promised me that this would be easy
Fm                                         G
I never knew that anything could be this hard
I wanna trust that You know what You're doin'
G                                 D
But right now, I'm just fallin' apart
It's hard to see it when I'm livin' in the moment
Fm                                     G
But Your love's still written on my heart
I get lost when I feel the wind blowin'
I gotta cling to who You are

'Cause You are good
                      A         D
Even when You're not understood

D                    G          D
No matter how many skies fall down
D                      A          Bm
I'm covered under the peace I've found
Bm          G                   D               A
You're my shelter when there's nowhere else to go
A                   G        D
No matter how many times I break
D                      A       Bm
You promise always to keep me safe
Bm         G               D              A       D
You're my rescue when I'm spinning outta control
D        G                D
You are faithful, faithful
D         A
You are faithful, faithful

Verse 2
D                                           Fm
I'm leaving doubt and sorrow in the distance
Fm                                   G
I'm gonna trust, and cast my fears aside
My life's a work that I know You'll finish
I know I'm gonna be alright

It's You I'll chase
                   A         D
Even when I can't see Your face


A             G                         D
You are faithful, faithful
          A        D
You are

    G       D        
And oh, oh, oh, oh
A          Bm     D
My God is always faithful
G       D       A               Bm
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (My God, my God)

D----F----Bm----D---- (fast down-strokes 4 each)
          No matter how many skies...



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