Happy Chinese New Year!

19:46:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

A chinese tradition is to offer blessings to each other. Among the blessings include may you enjoy good health, may you enjoy long lasting beauty, success at work and school. This year, I've been getting blessings for meeting my other half.

Me myself? I want to finally finish my PhD. And I've been truly struggling with this. I procrastinate, somehow cleaning or other things take piority. So fighting with my will to do this has not been easy.
I want to lose weight and get into the healthy weight range. And it's not easy, but I'm getting there.
I want to perhaps find my significant other.

But all our plans are somewhat substandard to the plans God has for us. In Children's Sunday School tomorrow, we will be learning again about Joseph. He didn't understand the struggles he had at the time he had them. But he knew God has a plan for him. And he was obedient and faithful to him along the way. And God really did have a marvelous plan for him, more marvelous than those dreams of hay or stars. He was to be #2 in the land of Egypt, and he was to save an entire race of people.

Likewise, we may have plans this year to graduate, buy property, lose weight, fall in love... but God has even greater plans for us. Plans to give us a hope in a future we cannot see yet.

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