No picture to prove it, did it happen?

20:29:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

This evening, there was a stunning display of fireworks we could see from our house,a nd it was perfectly complimented by a bright full moon. As I stood there admiring the scene, mum rushed inside to find her camera phone and fiddling with the camera settings - missing a fair portion of the display. She then proceeded to talk about the smog cloud created by the display.

That would have been me a year ago, a month ago, could have been me yesterday.

But today, I just stood there an enjoyed the show. No, I don't have any photos to prove it happened, nor any magical video capture I could show on instagram. It was just an experience I had, and I was present.

I know there will be many wonders this christmas season, beautiful things that your friends could admire on facebook, instagram, twitter or other social media outlets. I will scroll through my feed and will find things that are beautiful and perhaps like or comment on these things. Yet, there will be MOMENTS. Those moments that are too precious to be fiddling with a camera phone, too precious to tag. There will be moments where you just have to be present. Who cares that you won't have a picture to prove it, it still happened.

Share your Christmas cheers, don't miss those moments. 

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