Life is short Ode to DG- RIP

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I found out today that my best friend from school passed away. Yes, I was best friends with her from Grade 4 all the way through to grade 10 before I changed schools. She had made such a big difference in my life.

When I started at a new school (being the only asian in my grade), she was an instant friend.
When I was too nervous to attempt camp activities, she was by my side.
When I was too shy to speak up, she was by my side.
When I wanted to write my first novel, she was by my side.
When my dad passed away, she was by my side.
When I didn't know how to turn down the first guy who asked me out, she was by my side.
When I had an idea to put on a play at school, she was by my side.
When I was so nervous I couldn't speak properly for the debating competition, she was by my side.
When we graduated primary school and got our awards, she was by my side.
When we entered into a large high school overwhelmed by so many people, she was by my side.
When we woke up to the news of September 11, she was by my side.
When I became teary on the last day of grade 10 knowing that I wasn't going to see many of these friends again, she was by my side.

In high school, especially after I changed schools, we kind of lost contact. In fact, I have lost contact with many people. Part of that is sheer laziness on my behalf. A few weeks ago, I re-contacted DG and had arranged a catchup after her last round of chemo. And it never got there.

She was my rock when I was unsteady. My best friend throughout most of my schooling. Not only was she by my side, but she encouraged me to be a better version of me- to try things I didn't think was possible. And having read through the dozens of well wishes left on her FB wall tonight, I've discovered that over the years she hadn't changed. She was still helping others, still inspiring others, still bubbly and outspoken. It was a short and brave battle. I will always remember the awkward moments, the encouraging moments, the fun moments, but most of all, the us moments. Thank you for being uniquely you.

My dear friend. RIP.

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