3 simple words I want to hear

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3 simple words that I want to hear from someone I care about, really want to hear. No, it's not "I love you", nor is it "I miss you" or things like "I need you", "I want you".

Racking your brains now right? What else would someone want to hear? GOD'S NOT DEAD. I'm hoping you will join the movement, whoever you are who has stumbled on my personal blog.

What am I talking about? You have to watch the movie and find out.

Yes I am slightly biased. I'm a unashamed at being a Christian, a creationist, and simply a friend of Jesus. I don't claim to be perfect or sinless. I'm the opposite of that. I'm imperfect and a sinner.

You know those AA meetings where people go around the circle and say that they are a recovering addict? Well I'm a recovering sinner. Christ died for my sins once and for all, but I guess this old me keeps creeping up and doing things that upset God. Lately, I've done quite a few. And I know it. I'm conflicted because some of these sins feel good. There is this part in the movie, where an old lady tells a successful Godless business man- sometimes the devil lets people have no troubles, so that they don't think they need God. Sometimes, the jail cell is so comfortable, that you don't want to find your way out, and be free.

Sometimes sin feels good, but just because it feels good, doesn't mean it's right. If I truly believed that God's not dead. I should stop sinning...


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