Relationships are hard. Even for a therapist.

16:57:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

I'm not quite sure why people assume that therapist have perfect lives with perfect relationships. I've been to many conferences now where my colleagues all report real world problems just like the rest of the world. If doctors are allowed to be overweight, sick, and sleep deprived, why can't therapists have relationship problems?
Isn't that when you should use assertive communication? Yes, probably. The funny thing is that even with assertiveness, one still needs to make a choice. Choices always have consequences some obvious some less obvious. And when you have two people with different values and upbringings, you might not reach a win win outcome.
In amongst all of this, I keep forgetting that prayer is also a choice and more often than not, the answer.
So I wonder what the outcome of this prayer for guidance will be.

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