Updating my age

18:18:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

30 ... does it feel different? No. Turning 18 allowed me to be legally adult. Turning 21 was a large celebration. Now 30?

Well, I almost forgot that it was my birthday, in fact, I worked 2 jobs on my 30th birthday, and was lucky enough to grab ramen after work with my brother. Other than that, it was a peaceful birthday. (I mean, I was fortunate enough to celebrate with my family and friends in little dinner and lunch gatherings leading up to my birthday, those were really excuses to catch up rather than a celebration).

By 30 I thought I would be less childish and wiser. Well it seems that's tied to your personality and not a number. I am still out there having epic adventures, so here's to the next 30 :D

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