When you break up with your best friend

20:40:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

The biggest fear is when you date your best friend and you break up, you will lose that friend all together. When you are used to talking about anything and nothing together, then suddenly you lose that, it's a big emptiness. Out of desperation, it's often easier to try to fill that void. And over the weekend, I think I did. A whole TV series in 2 days. I'm exhausted.

It's not hard to be single at age 30, especially if you have enough friends, have heaps of hobbies and am a workaholic. The hardest things is to miss your best friend.

Today's sermon talked about forgiveness within relationships. Forgiveness isn't a feeling- you don't have to remove feelings of guilt, anger, missing, sadness in order for it to be forgiveness. Forgiveness is a choice, it's an action. Forgiveness is not forgetting, it's a deliberate choice to not remember faults or how you perceive the other person to have wronged you.

Sitting here alone, and on reflection, I am very thankful for the relationship that was. I am very thankful for the things I've learned about myself and about how to be in a relationship. Would I make the same mistakes again, probably, but hopefully I'm more willing to be forgiving in my next relationship.

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