Behavioural activation

21:47:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

I've been feeling "blah" lately, as if I'm coming down with something, not a cold, almost depression. And just like the common cold, I wasn't sure what caused this bout of low mood... So I do what any therapist would do, I made sure I go out walking each day, out with friends, ringing any friend I can desperately to catch up with me.

Today I just went too far. I had a pretty "blah" day and felt flat because I forgot to bring my phone to work. So afterwork, without properly planning it, went for a 10km walk to a suburb I've never been to. Look quickly at map, that should be ok... then got lost, and more lost. When I eventually found it, it was already time for sunset.

No water, no food, just me, my phone with battery running out and a credit card. Starting to get dizzy and hips started to throb with pain, I reached out to a new friend for help. I do believe God provides people in times of need, and although these strangers may not stay in your life for a long time, I was very grateful for this stranger today, provided me with just what I needed.

And now, safely back home, I am ready for my next adventure, learning that I need to be more prepared when I go on my next epic adventure tomorrow.

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