on point

21:42:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

Apparently "on-point" is the same as spot on. I've been working with clients on the "bullseye" values chart lately and the idea is that you plot where your values, how important they are to you and then mark how closely you are living according to those values. When you are on point, you basically are living exactly according to those values.

On personal reflection, there are several areas of my life in which are on-point and several areas that are so far apart from where I want it to be.

Areas I think I'm doing well in:
- Travel
- Adventure
- Work
- Family
- Friends

Areas I need to work on:
- My relationship with God
- My own family -- haha, need to find a partner first.

I think the bullseye is great to use to determine the next decision in your life. Will making the next decision lead you closer to your values or pull you further away?

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