Movie review: Brave (2012)

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Movie review: Brave (2012)

Movie summary: Brave follows the story of a young princess as she battles tradition. She struggles to accept that her future will be arranged by her mother- her marriage and the way she is to act. Following mystical creatures, she finds a witch who casts a spell changing her mother. As always, the spell backfires, and she finds that she has turn her mother (and 3 younger brothers) into bears. As her father and the rest of her kingdom try to kill the bear, she struggles to save her mother and their relationship.

My thoughts: I'm not sure I would recommend this film to young children as it contains elements of violence and issues to do with magic. I'm not sure teaching kids about spells that can turn their parents into animals really sell for me. Nevertheless, there are quite distinctive morals in this story- it's all about forgiveness. Both mother and daughter learn to understand, accept and forgive each other's behaviours. And in doing so, learn how to love.

Today's sermon was about how to be a more loving person. And besides learning that love is a choice, a sacrifice, love is also about forgiveness and acceptance.

It's a lesson that I am learning. Through this overseas trip, I have learned to forgive more. But I'm not 100% there yet. Even as I happened across a box of old memories, I found that I am still a long way from forgetting- but now, through understanding, I don't think I hold a grudge anymore.

1 Peter 4:8

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.
最 要 緊 的 是 彼 此 切 實 相 愛 , 因 為 愛 能 遮 掩 許 多 的 罪 。

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