Returning home- Final USA update

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Hi everyone

I'm safely back in the comfort of my own home and the loving arms of my dear mother. It was a grueling 22 hour + waiting time/commute and I'm a bit tired, but I am very happy to be home. I have got all my packages and luggage with me this time (for some of you know the airlines lost some of my luggage on the way to new york). Thankfully the journey home was uneventful, for I've had enough adventures in the States. 

Driving into my driveway after 3 months abroad is a very special feeling, one almost fails to appreciate the blessings one is surrounded with until you truly go out into the world with little support. I suppose the lost son ( may have felt a similar way when he returned home from a long journey and being welcomed. It's the simple things- having a loving mother, having my own bed, a hot shower, a meal cooked by mum... For sure these 3 months have taught me to appreciate the amazing yet simple gifts/blessings God has given me, which I often neglect to count. 

Here's a brief timeline/recount of my 3 month adventure. It was a pleasure to be able to share my experiences with you all. As I head into the pressure/business end of my dissertation, don't forget to keep me in your prayers. 

- July 20-27: Spending time with family in Los Angeles highlights include disneyland with my missionary relatives, going to Costco, visiting Las Vegas, hiking in the Grand Canyon, eating a cupcake from an ATM machine. 
- July 27- Aug 3: Arriving in Seattle and doing the torchfair run, spending time exploring the town with Aunt Joe, starting work at SDRG and meeting the director on the first day! 
- Aug 3- 10: Meeting with the amazing people at Krucial206, visiting Vancouver to see the international fireworks competition, handing out at capilano, and visiting a few art museums in Seattle. 
- Aug 10-17: Hiring a car to go whitewater rafting in Cashmere, attending some heated debates at work and going to the Wierd Al concert. 
- Aug 17-24: Going hiking with my housemates at Hurricane Ridge and visiting hempfest after church. 
- Aug  24-31: Going with my youth fellowship on retreat in Oregon and hiking again. 
- Sept 1- 7: San fransisco meeting a fellow Aussie and seeing the sights, hiking in yosemite national park and biking over the golden gate bridge. We also went to see the museum of flight which was amazing- I went on both the airforce 1 and concord. 
- Sept 8- 14: Went hiking in Mt Rainier and Got EVICTED. Quite an experience really. 
- Sept 15- 21: Visited portland and the international rose test gardens, snoqualmie falls. 
- Sept 22- 28: Went to Vancouver to visit my aunt and uncle. Attended some great seminars at UW and my first american football experience. 
- Sept 29- Oct 5: Went to Vancouver again to celebrate mid autumn festival with my aunty and uncle. 
- Oct 6-12: Went to victoria BC and enjoyed a day at butchart gardens, empress high tea and a marathon fun run as the sun was rising. High pressure week at work with 2 presentations and many meetings. 
- Oct 13- 17: Watched the master at work in the museum of glass and watched the symphony from box seats. I also visited bruce lee's grave and King Tut before leaving for New York. 
- Oct 17-24: Went to the 911 memorial, empire state building, top of the rock (worst line up experiences- all the lines of disneyland without the ride), Washington dc, Princeton, Baltimore, Philadelphia to explore america's history, central park and various museums, hillsong with my cousin. Ended my trip with a ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty. 

There is a lot I have experienced which I have left out in these highlights, but as some of you suggested, a novel can be written about the things that have happened to me, the people I have met and the things I have learned. This has been a life changing journey- just as everyday is. And I feel like I am more patient, more confident in the provision of God and more grateful for the support of family and friends. 

Thanks again for all your support, prayers, emails and phone calls. 

By the grace of God, 


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Is the pace causing you to become weary?
Reality is making you feel helpless?
Only knowing the toils of the day and night
兜兜轉轉 似沒了沒完
Turning around in circles, neverending.

但願讓你知道 神是愛
But I wish that you would know God is love
He is with you every second of the way
Can you accept this pure love?
一生歡欣 快樂精彩

it will Fill your life with joy and happiness

回家 將傷痛放下
Return home, putting down your pain
Seeing through the lies of the world
迷失漆黑中 祂總把你念掛

And even being lost in the darkness, You are remembered

回家 即使新世代
Return home, even in this new generation
Where it's completely cold.
在這屋裡 有主的愛 別再怕
In this home, with the lord's love, there is no fear.

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