Movie Review: Faith like potatoes (2006)

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Thanks for Joe for introducing me to this film.

Movie summary: This movie is based on a true story (from a book) about a white farmer in Africa. The family struggle financially as they come across issues of bad luck, political instability, drought, relationship issues, etc. And the farmer hits rock bottom as his whole crop fails and he dreads the inevitable. But he finds hope in God and miraculously his crops recover to abundance within 3 days. he also befriends the local coloured people and is able to share with them his faith. In a terrible thunderstorm, one of the locals are hit by lightning and miraculously through the power of prayer, God brings them back to life. Strengthen by God, the farmer starts to spread the gospel to others and inspires others despite ongoing struggles with his family and a major blow.
And in the end, the farmer plants potatoes in the drought. Planting potatoes is an expensive exercise. (See book exerpt: And he puts his entire hope and livelihood on the line with faith in the Lord. And so it proves, those who sow sparing reap sparingly, but those who sow generously reap generously- and in more ways than one.

My thoughts: This is a tear jerker. The beginning of the movie was a bit difficult to sit through, it was boring. But i thought I would give it another 10 minutes, and I'm glad I did. Don't let the south african accents and over the top acting put you off. The storyline makes it all worthwhile.

It's easy to follow God when he performs miracles. Like when you pray that you would pass your exams and you pass. You pray that you will get a job and you do. You pray that your health would recover and you do. So what happens when we don't get what we ask for? I cried and cried as I watched the child pass... Although I don't always understand God's will in the things that happen to me, but you can choose to stand firm in your faith. It's easy to say, but difficult to do. In these times, I am really grateful that God never gives me more than I can handle- he puts by my side his word to inspire me, his people to encourage me, and his many gifts to get me back up.

Sometimes I find that my faith is so limited. I only pray for what I believe to be possible. I pray and give limits to my prayers. The farmer in the movie is guided by God to dream big. To pursue the impossible (in at least our eyes). Are we prepared to take these risk for God? Are we prepared to be mocked in order to live the life God has called us to live? Are we prepared to have faith like planting potatoes in a drought-- to have faith in the unseen?

At this stage of my life... there are so many things that are unseen. God tells me he has plans for me, plans that I cannot see. I am of little faith, and a lot of doubt. But over and over again, God inspires me to have faith like potatoes.

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