WOW 2014- Songs that defined 2013

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The worship songs that defined 2013.

1. Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)- Chris Tomlin
It's easy to be afraid at the start of a new journey, but we need to know if God is for us, whom shall we fear. 

2.  Redeemed- Big Daddy Weave
 God you aren't done with me yet. Still a lot of improving to do.

3.  Hello, My Name Is- Matthew West
I have a sunday school kid with a yellow "Hello" t-shirt. She is the brightest most loving person. While there are many labels we can give ourselves, therapist, student, teacher, fat, skinny, pretty, ugly. The one label we don't use enough is, child of the one true king. 

4. You Are I Am- Mercy Me
You are the one who conquers giants, walks through fire, one messiah, you are "I am".

5. One Thing Remains- Kristan Stanfill
Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me.

6. Lord, I Need You- Matt Maher
 Teach my song to rise to you, when temptation comes my way. When I cannot stand, I'll fall on you, Jesus you are my hope and stay.

7. Jesus, Friend of Sinners- Castin Crowns
 The world is on the way to you, but tripping over me. open our eyes to our pointing fingers. Lord, I have really been a problem this year. Thank you for accepting me just as I am.

8. Strangely Dim- Francesca Battistelli
 Somehow the plans that I have, dreams that I hold don't ever turn out how I imagine. But it doesn't matter, because they all grow strangely dim when I fix my eyes on all that you are!

9. Love Take Me Over- Steven Curtis Chapman
 Love take these thoughts I'm thinking, words that I'm speaking, prayer that I'm praying. Love take me over. For 2014- hoping that I'm filled even more with love.

10. Your Grace Finds Me - Matt Redman
From creation to the cross, from the cross until eternity, your grace finds me. It's there on a wedding day, there by the weeping by the graveside. So thankful for the weddings this year, and new births of babies. And for your blessings of peace during times of weeping this year.

11. My God - Jeremy Camp
I'm so proud of the young people at church who have really echoed this song. They openly declare that you are the unchanging love, the great creator, beautiful saviour.

12. Help Me Find It- Sidewalk Prophets
When I was struggling with what I should do with my future. I trusted in God to bring me job offers and to trust in God to reject offers. He gave me peace, even though this road is difficult.

13. Steady My Heart- Kari Jobe
This was on a loop for a while. Kari Jobe is a huge role model for those of us who are still single and waiting for God's will. Enjoying singleness as a phase in God's timing. Even when it hurts, even when it's hard, even when it all just falls apart.

14. Jesus in Disguise- Brandon Heath
To recognize Jesus in Disguise. And to be Jesus in disguise for the people.

15. Don't Try So Hard- Amy Grant
Don't try so hard- because you can't earn grace. you're lovely even with your scars.

16. Starts With Me- Tim Timmons
Thank you God for allowing me to see you. You are my revival song. Thanks God for reviving children's worship and the kids amazing willingness to serve you.

17. Come However You Are- City Harbour
We don't have to wait till we are perfect. Blisters on our feet, hearts shattered, feel unwanted, unneeded ... come however you are, come with all the heartaches, mistakes and lay them down at the cross. 

18. We Won't Be Shaken- Building 429
This is a song I just want to shout out loud. Whatever will come our way, through fire and pouring rain, we won't be shaken. Whatever tomorrow brings, together we will rise and sing, we won't be shaken. When people who claim to be Christians cheat us, and those who claim to be neighbours robbed us. We won't be shaken.

19. Steal My Show- Toby Mac
It's been difficult to stay humble when we achieve. But this song is a great reminder who we really want to steal the show. Let his light shine. And let my light only shine to bring others to His light.

20. Gold- Britt Nicole'
While I gained a lot of weight this year from my illness, medication and inability to exercise, I was reminded that self-image is not the most important thing, but we are worth more than Gold in God's eyes. And hopefully I can propogate this message to my kiddies. 

21. I Need a Miracle- Third Day
Thanks for providing me with friends, family and miraculous support. Because there was no way I could have done it on my own. Losing my stable source of income, health difficulties, and relationship turmoil.

22. the Proof of your love- for King and Country
Thanks God for reminding me to serve with love. To love the children that I serve and the parents. Let my life be proof of your love.

23. Need you now- Plumb
 How many times have you given me strength to just keep breathing. Indeed, when we are weak, he is strong. I thank you for keeping my clients safe and sound despite serious suicidal ideation and psychoses.

24. You are- Colton Dixon
You are the song, I'm singing, you are the air I'm breathing, the hope I've needed. You have provided for my needs when my hands were truly empty this year. I don't know how I got into so much debt, but God you have sustained me, and I am thankful.

25. Overcomer- Mandisa
It feels good to overcome adversity.I'm not quite there yet, but I'm getting closer each day.

26. Worn- Tenth Avenue North
After 10 years at uni it's tiring, after being rejected and neglected by people who I trust, it's tiring. And God understands that I felt worn. 

27. His Kind of Love- Group 1 Crew
From the same band that bought us "he said". It's so difficult for us to explain His kind of love to others. Reckless, self-less, sacrificial.

28. Kings and Queens- Audio adrenalin
This music video reminds me of my sponsor child in Kenya. He is no different to me, we are all God's children. It's time to treat them equally. Every child has a dream to be loved.

29. Live With Abandon- Newsboys
Chasing after this world makes me tired, I want to live with abandon, give you all that I am.

30. Keep Your Eyes Open- Needtobreath
Sometimes we are so focused on the little details, get lost in problems. But this song is a timely reminder to keep your eyes open. 

31. When mercy found me- Rhett walker band
Victory over worries, sins when mercy found me. His love has rescued me, his love has set me free.

32. Even If- Kutless
In the difficult times, we pray that God will bring us through it quickly. But even if the healing doesn't come, and life falls apart, and dreams are still undone, you are God and you are good. Indeed, it's been a difficult year. But to remember that God is soverign over the good and bad times.

33. Never Beyond Repair- Everfound
No matter how much we failed to do this year, how far away we were from our own standards and God's standards, we are never beyond repair! Hallelujah.

And so that's 2013 summarized by songs. Songs from my favourite bands. All available to download from itunes as part of the WOW2014 package.

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