Seeking and finding

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It's been really busy for me in the last couple of weeks. And usually, when my life becomes so hectic, I become less composed, lose a lot of things, forget a lot of things, get to appointments late, and my room starts to become very very messy- which then starts a vicious cycle. And if this only concerns me, then I would be less guilty. But this time, I lost something very important to someone else. And after searching what I consider to be everywhere, more than 3 times, I am still looking. The more I look, the more that I find- stuff that I thought was lost, or haven't been thinking about in years come up out of the blue. I found my watch, an old usb filled with songs, notes I had made to myself, jewellery.

Luke 5:8-10. Now this reminds me of the parable of the lost coin in the bible. When you lose something, you go and search for it. And if you find it, it brings you great joy.

But I wonder what the lady in the parable also found. Did she find things that we wasn't expecting?

"Somehow I can't find what was lost, but keep finding what I was not looking for" was my status today. And while I have been in limbo praying and praying about direction with my career and job, and searching and searching for different business or job opportunities, I unexpectedly found someone who was able to calm the uncertainty. I'm not quite sure what the deal is, but it's definitely something I wasn't looking for, and I found. 

While I believe God always provides for us in our need, sometimes, losing something can be God's way of showing us something we weren't expecting to find. 

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