A way to protect yourself

21:20:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

I've been watching "He who comes from the stars" with my mum recently, and the "alien" having lived on the earth for over 400 years simply says, "there is a way to not get hurt, it's by not getting involved and not caring". And I believe he is right. In his first years on earth, he chose to help a girl, and saw her die painfully. And missed his ride home.

Jesus too could have chosen to not get hurt emotionally or physically, he could have chosen not be go to the tree, but you know what? He chose Love. He chose to love and care for us so much that he suffered for our sake. For some strange reason, Jesus thought we were worth it.

But I'm not Jesus. And I'm certainly not an alien that has lived here on earth for 400 years. Letting someone into your life, is also letting yourself be vulnerable to pain. We were so precious to Jesus that he died for us, will we just let anybody just come and harm us? In the bible, it tells us to guard our hearts. What comes into our hearts...

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