Another friend engaged

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It's funny, we met together 2 weeks ago, it was almost as if we had guessed this would happen. Yes, she's engaged. My batman loving friend. As soon as I got the news I was smiling ear to ear. What great news to start off the week!

So amongst all these weddings and engagements that I have been attending, I have tried to remain relatively invisible. Because the question always comes up, and I smile cheekily- yes, I'm still single. And so the happy couples all around me offer their advice and services as potential match makers. The brief is simple but tough. Only introduce a man after God's own heart to me- someone who would love God more than everything, even me. Someone who would turn down an important sports match, career progression, tv dramas, lifestyle choices, in the service of God. I have yet to meet such a person. In fact, I'm not even that type of person.

There are so many times, that I have chosen to dine with friends besides attend an extra prayer meeting, or watched an extra tv show instead of spending time in God's word, or aimlessly surfed the internet instead of singing praises. So why on earth would a man after God's own heart choose me to be a partner? My only strength is that I'm a Christian- and not even a good one. I have a multitude of flaws- from being extremely critical, lazy, selfish, etc.... Well I have undersold myself, I have one other strength, that is I am developing each and everyday- I am becoming less critical, lazy, selfish, etc over time.

So it would seem that I would also want to find a man who is wanting to be after God's own heart. Someone who is craving growth in Christ, and that someone also wants someone to grow together with.

In my speech at my best friend's wedding, I spoke about the proposal. There really wasn't spectacular fireworks, nor rose petals that littered the floor. There was no romantic music or flash mob dance. Instead, it was simply the perfect words, said at the perfect time, by the perfect person for my best friend. I'm also not going to make the mistake of trying to find the perfect person- because they don't exist (even if they do, we wouldn't be compatible, because I am far from being perfect). Instead, I will look for the perfect person for me. Someone who is just as imperfect as myself, and who is determined to grow with me in Christ.

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