Building the perfect man

19:29:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

A fair few friends have been seeking my advice on love lately. And I think likewise, I have been curious to find out why people choose the partners that they do.
No one is perfect, we are all imperfect sinners needing grace. A wise friend and I had a chat about this today, she said, people aren't not good enough for your or vice versa, one is simply more blessed by God in a certain area. Because everything is from above. AMEN to that!
We are however, allowed to choose qualities that matter to us. And equally so, to choose qualities that don't stick well for us. So when I stumbled on this image on facebook today, I had a little laugh, just how would I spend $5 to build my perfect man. I found it simply impossible to do choose all the qualities I thought were important. And isn't that a great reflection of reality, how no one is perfect.

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