going the wrong way - again

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The morning started out great, which made this afternoon/evening a lot easier. And I really truly had a great day at work - feeling valued, enjoyed a great lunch with my new buddies, and was able to put some skills into practice. And I believe it's to do with the 6 day work week, waking up at insane hours before the sun has risen that made this afternoon really really difficult.

4.08pm. In my joggers walking to Upper Mount GStation, down 3 flights of stairs.
4.15pm. Happy chappy - got to the bus stop, 555 bus arrived taking me to university bus stop 3 mins away.
4.18pm. Arrived at university stop, and a 169 bus arrived so I got on....
4.23pm.... Why am I back at upper mount G? Ok, I'll climb up 3 flights of stairs, cross over to the other side. Another 150 bus arrived.
4.26pm... got back to the university stop, and ok, this time breathe, climb up the stairs to hop on the 150 bus on the other side....
4.30pm... down the stairs, and hopped on a bus, won't get it wrong this time. a few minutes later, again I arrived at Mount G... What on earth? sweat down my forehead, absolutely spinning, heart racing, nausea... about to cry...really crying and broken inside.
4.37pm... waiting patiently for 220? to take me back to the university bus stop.
4.40pm... finally got to the university bus stop, waited patiently for a P137 going in the right direction...
5.00pm... (an hour after I finished work) finally got to the train station... train pulls up, and i collapse in my seat.
6.03pm... finally arrive at the final train station.

7 bus transfers. Up and down enough stairs for my weekly cardio. Absolutely dead tired. Disorientated. Defeated.

Asking for prayers regarding these epic trips of mine to work. Not quite sure 4 hour commute really fits for me, but it will have to do for the next 6 months.

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