Allowing space with towards moves

10:53:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

I recently made a brave towards move. Allowing people into our lives makes us more vulnerable as human beings, but without these moves, it makes it difficult for us to move towards values of relationships, love or trust.

Sometimes I think that it's crazy that Jesus made a towards move for us. Because he loved us so much, he chose to come to earth to suffer for our sake. He gave us a choice. This is the perfect example of love, to do these towards moves- making ourselves vulnerable to pain and suffering, but at the same time, allowing space for amazing things to happen. And it might not happen- while some choose to take Jesus up on his offer of love and eternal life, others flat out say "I'm not interested" or "Please do not solicit" or "Go away". Willingness is about allowing space for these things to happen- either way.

I can never be compared to Jesus in that light, because I'm crazy scared, crazy worried, and thinking that my choice to open up to options is crazy. And (not but), and, at the same time, I am glad that I've allowed space, mostly.

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