Movie Review: Hugo (2011)

07:46:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

Movie summary: Hugo lives with his dad. His dad has a fascination of fixing things and works in a museum. He takes home a human-shaped broken robot. He and his son try to fix it but before they succeed, he dies. Hugo's custody then lies with his drunken uncle who works to keep the clocks running at a railway station. He mysteriously vanishes from the scene and Hugo is left to survive and run the clocks alone. He befriends a girl and shares with her his vision- that the world is like a machine and there are no extra parts. Each part has it's own worth and purpose. The story follows how Hugo tries to fix the machine against all odds and finds his purpose in life. In the process, the pair go on an adventure that fixes the lives of others.

My thoughts: The film is a marvel. It's beautifully shot. And attention to the detail in the film is breathtaking. It made laugh, shocked, cry. It bought out the themes of love, lost and discovery.
God also doesn't make extra parts. Each part has a purpose. We each have a purpose. I'm in the process of discovering mine.


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