the short leash

01:41:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

As part of my American experience, i walk the dog when I come home from work. Mandy is the cutest little thing.
Now although she is tiny, she is really strong. So I keep her on a short leash and we negotiate whether we are going straight or turning or back home.
On the first day, she got the better of me and I picked her up and changed her direction. The second day, she flat out refused to let me lead, she was leading me. I was worried that if I ever had children what kind of mother I would be. Would I be a helicopter mother who won't let their kids explore.
Now, after a week with Mandy, I'm comfortable with letting Mandy explore the world around her and come back to me. I let the leash out a little further. A me who is a constant. She knows now that I get changed after work and will take her for a walk. She knows how far she can go before she has to turn back with me.
I wonder if God is like that? He has given us incredible freedom to explore the world around us. He is always there even if we forget him in our busyness. He calls us to come back to his side so that he can guide us and lead us to green pastures. Our owner loves us and knows the best for us, if only we follow by his side.

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