Movie review: 流浪漢世界盃 We will rock you team of miracles

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Movie Summary: The story follows a christian social worker as he cares for the disadvantaged on the streets of Hong Kong. He trains them and makes them into a team of soccer players.

My thoughts: You can't rate a christian gospel film the same way as a blockbuster. I think it would be unfair to compare it to Shaolin soccer or any cinema hits. The actors (although some professionals) were not entirely convincing but the storyline made up for it. I first watched this film in a cinema (in a foreign country) filled with hundreds of Asias. I laughed, I tried. I thought, I loved. I really recommend this film for youth groups and for adult fellowships.

Not long ago, I found myself in a really underprivileged part of vancouver. So I've seen homeless people before- on street corners and in asia. While unfortunate in their circumstances, they looked unthreatening. But this particular time, I felt like I was in serious danger. Many of them were not of sane mind, intoxicated or both. They were talking to themselves, their clothes were smelly, they had visible dental issues and the spoke with a gruff and threatening tone. They lugged with them all their belongings- cardboard boxes, clothes, plastic bottles. I wanted to avoid eye contact and run as far as possible.

I am really ashamed of my response to these people in need. And I have a high appreciation for those who work in social work and charity settings who help these people everyday. In fact, Jesus, when he was on Earth hangout with those we wouldn't be caught dead around. He ate with prostitutes, was friends with tax collectors, touched the dirty and diseased.


Resounding the song... forgiveness, matthew west
Show me how to love, the unloveable
Show me how to reach the unreachable
To do the impossible, forgiveness....

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