I am happy to be me

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I've been quite lucky, incidents of perceived bullying can be counted on the palms of my hands. A few stand out- starting school in a place where my brother and I were the only asians in the playground was hard. I remember the odd looks, and the jokes about our eyes... that was until we flogged them all in academics. Then there was hardship while working under the guidance of a lawyer, I was made to feel very very very incompetent.

Over the past couple of months, I had really given a particular friendship a chance. When we started to become friends, I was well aware of the intentions. I had my doubts, and felt like the other person would use me to fill in their spare time. We had odd interactions were I would be made to feel very very small- almost as if nothing I did was ever up to standard. I just wasn't good enough. The way I planned wasn't good enough, the way I dressed wasn't good enough. And I put up with it all by laughing and telling them, that's fine, we are able to have our own opinions. It really didn't matter, these trivial pieces of advice that were given. But yesterday, something gave. "Karen, you can't have no plan. You must have a plan." The comments made me feel "" this small. I did have a plan. The plan was to submit to God's plan and be open to opportunities.

And it was such a bizarre friendship to have, especially since none of my friends agreed with me being ""this small. So, I am glad the friendship is over. No ill will towards the ex-friend, but the way they made me feel wasn't fair. I am so blessed to have this short time-limited experience. When I was leading worship this morning, and singing this song, it just affirmed the fact that I AM HAPPY TO BE ME. And I hope the kids really get to draw on the strength of this song when they are feeling teeny tiny.

hillsong kids- royalty

Verse 1:
God made me who I'm meant to be
He loves me just the way I am
God made me who I'm meant to be
His dream for me is so amazing

And for this simple reason I am happy to be me

Whoa Oh, Whoa Oh, My God watches over me
Whoa Oh, Whoa Oh, I feel like royalty
And for this simple reason I am happy to be me

Whoa Whoa Oh, I am happy to be me

Lyrics: http://www.lyricsmania.com/royalty_lyrics_hillsong_kids.html

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