Sharing good news

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If you truly love someone, you would want them to have the best. And for me, I'm a sharer, if I have bad news, I'd share it with those I consider close to me, if I had good news, I'd share it with whoever is nearby. If I had great news? Well, my face cannot deny what my heart knows.

Well, I've had my share of bad news, good news, and great news. Bad news, the things I'm working on have hurdles that I have not yet worked out how to overcome. Good news, I'm really enjoying my everyday with the unique celebrations, and reasons for happy dances. Great news, I've had opportunities to share with other some serious good news. AND I've found people I really really really want to share this good news with.

I've had opportunities lately to share THE good news with people. It comes up in clinic, it comes up in the office, it comes up over dinner with friends and with conversations with Mr MK. I'm so blessed. I smile just thinking about these opportunities. And as I prepare my presentation for tomorrow's children's sunday school, I smile at the opportunity to share this good news.

This is what I believe in a nutshell, We are sinners living in a way we were not designed to live. Because of this rebellion we were meant to be destined to eternal death, but instead, God loved us so much that he was willing to sacrifice himself for our sake, so that we are redeemed. We are given this pretty cool gift, not simply to live as forgiven, but given eternal life with him living as children of God. And the reason we call it amazing grace is that we don't deserve this, it's not something we earn... THAT IS GREAT NEWS INDEED!

But I think Matthias media describes it well.... check it out with the link below.

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