Don't shoot the messenger

06:43:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

Sometimes God uses the funniest situations and people to teach us the things he really wants us to learn. I've had that experience over the last few weeks. A suddenly low in emotion after talking to a particular person. And then my heart became more and more confused with each interaction.

Sometimes we can get immediately annoyed at the messenger. But if we stepped back and meditate on God's word, you will find that it may have been a lesson from God for our growth all along.

It really does need a bit of a shock to step back and realise God was there all along, and that I didn't need to look for someone else to complete me, or fill this emptiness, but really really really needed to reconnect with God's people. This loneliness need not be solved by my own creativity but by God's own presence.

Thanks for the message God, received. So yes, God please help me not shoot the messenger. Over and out.

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