Me before you

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Yes, do have tissues. I'm a hopeless romantic, and it's "funny", every time I say that phrase, I think of my dear friend. She passed away a few years ago from cancer and when we were young we would write novels, not just short stories but crazy novels and plays. Our teachers were so encouraging that they made a whole grade sit and watch up perform one of our plays.

This movie reminded me of our crazy adventures together. And this movie reminded me of every time she fell in love. Hopeless romantic. It's where you read the first page of a book and you dream up the rest of the story line. It's where you meet someone for the first time and can already imagine all the lovely adventures, arguments and life story you could have with them.

Sometimes I dream of meeting Mr Right. But then Mr Right would dream of meeting Mrs Right, not Miss I'mActuallyOk. And my dear friend used to dream of meeting Mr Right. And used a lot of her energy dreaming. And when her life was taken away, despite her best battles, I think she was still dreaming. After all, dreams are often better than realities.

It's funny how we have been conditioned to think that there will always be happy endings. That people would live happily ever after. But often, no always, life isn't that simple. And awakening from dreaming can cause use to feel quite shocked and out of place. There is life, there is death and there are all of the experiences in between. These experiences are all gifts.

As clique as it sounds, we should treasure each day. If we truly knew that our days under the sun were limited, how would we spend the time? Would we sit around and watch tv, hold grudges against people who cut us off in traffic, be sorry for ourselves because our own love story hasn't had a happy ending? Or would we really LIVE. Really experience all there is that life has to offer us.

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