boys boys boys according to jamie grace

17:13:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

Last year, I uploaded links to Kari Jobe on singleness (The moment you fall in love).

This year, I stumbled on Jame Grace's testimony on the subject of boys, boys, boys. For single Christian girls, it's hard to remain faithful. You can see other girls and boys starting to date from a young age, you see them spend a lot of time together, you might have your own desires for finding your prince charming.

Being Asian, it's a bit difficult to justify why I am waiting, and not freely dating others. I believe that Jame Grace is onto something here. Dating intentionally, dating the right type of person, is worth waiting for.

I believe I was created by the creator of Love, I believe he knows my dreams, my hopes and my future. I believe it's my goal to live a life that is pleasing to him, while I am and have waited for the love of my life. I believe true love is worth waiting for.

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