The answer is love.

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"What does blue sky mean in chinese?" It's a bit of a joke in my family, because mum underestimates my brother's ability in chinese and often asks him if he understands the simplest of things.

I am so thankful that my mum bought us up answering questions and asking questions. My current supervisors are most impressed with my willingness to ask questions. Asking questions is so helpful in the learning process. Why is that so? Why did you do that? Why do you think the client acted that way? What do you think? What can I do better?

By asking questions, we can also understand life and the world around us more.

是愛 It's Love - 天韻詩班

[Translation by kikoprincess]

[Sky, why is it blue? Grass, why is it green?]

[What makes the moon shine? What makes the sun warm?]

[Flowers, what makes them fragrant? Birds, what makes them sing?]

[What can make humans live with hope?]


[Love, makes skies blue, love, makes grass green]

[God's love makes the sun warm, moon radiant]

[God's love, makes flowers fragrant, birds sing]

[Because of God's love, we can life with hope]


[If there was a day, the universe changes]

[We just ask that there is love on earth]

[We just ask that there is love on earth]

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