Review: Once the musical

20:15:00 Karen Li 1 Comments

I was reminded of Once: The musical today.

Musical summary: Once is a ridiculous comedy about the chance of a young man in despair meeting an outrageous foreign female. The guy is on his last tether and decides that he would play this last song on his guitar before giving up for good. The foreign girls is captured by his music and encourages him not to quit. She offers to play the piano for him in exchange for him fixing her vacuum cleaner, and through a series of incidents, the boy falls in love with the girl. But then reality catches up with them, and they part on their separate ways.

My thoughts: I was enticed by the musical. I would have been on the edge of my seats, but I was in the standing room at the back because I bought my ticket too late and it was sold out. From the get-go there was just so much energy in the room and the characters simply drew me into the music and their stories. Unlike the typical musicals a tourist goes to, the characters aren't predictable and the storyline is bizzare, the set was small, but I was definitely blown away.

The story though was food for thought. It would be scary if every guy I met was intended to be my future boyfriend/husband. But indeed, there are people you meet, if by chance, that change your life forever.

The reason I was reminded of Once: The musical was because the worship band today had an acoustic ensemble. It brought me right back to New York, and right back to the set of Once. Really, truly, the combinations of piano, guitar, violin, and feet stomping is enough to get my heart racing and ready to dance. I've done a lot of sole-searching over the last couple of weeks. I've been visiting several churches in my local area searching for a place where I would fit. And today, it came pretty close. I went to a church where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. I went to a church where the lights were dim, and it seemed like a rock concert. I went to a church where people were joining us online from all over the world. I went to a church where there were hundreds of people crowded together eager to get a seat. And I went to a church where I felt like I was part of a family. BUT. I don't believe that it was by chance. EVERY encounter taught me something new. EVERY sermon opened my mind and heart. And EVERY worship service bought me closer to God.

Sometimes we meet people and we will form lasting relationships them. Sometimes we meet people and they will never remember us. But all these encounters form a part of our history and shapes who we become, even if it was ONCE.

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