Only name, yours will be- Big daddy weave

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In my busy life, I sometimes forget what matters most. My business. My PhD. TV dramas. Friend's weddings. Fitness. All these things compete with God's place, but this week I got a great wake up call.

Well, how great it is to be reminded that only one name matters.

The only name (Yours will be)

Guitar tabs:

        B                                        E2
Yours will be the only Name that matters to me
The only One Whose favor I seek
        F#sus                  B
The only Name that matters to me

Yours will be
The friendship and affection I need
To feel my Father smiling on me
        F#sus                 B
The only Name that matters to me

     G#m7                F#sus
And Yours is the Name the Name that has saved me
B                         G#m7
Mercy and grace the power that forgave me
    E2           F#sus         B
And Your love is all Ive ever needed

When I wake up in the Land of Glory
And with the saints I will tell my story
C#m7              F#sus             B/E
There will be one Name that I proclaim

  B          E2  C#m7     F#sus        B/E
Jesus, Jesus, Je   -  sus, just that Name

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