Movie Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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Movie Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Movie Summary: Lucy and her brother return to Narnia with their annoying cousin. Prince Caspian takes them on an adventure on the Dawn Treader in order to break a spell threatening Narnia.
On the way they each have to face their fears and grow.

My thoughts: Gripping. Not suitable for young children because it gets a bit scary at times.There are so many hidden truths in the story if only one would take time to uncover them all.

The character I would love to examine is the annoying cousin Eustace. His cousins are staying with him, but all he likes to do is complain. When he comes to Narnia he acts like a sob and thinks he is better than everyone else. But as the story develops you see that he has become accepted by his new crew despite transforming into a firebreathing dragon. He leaves Narnia a changed boy, willing to put himself forward and help others in need.

Indeed, there are so many cases in real life where people act a certain way putting people off. But really, all they want is to be accepted, to be given a chance. There are certain things that we can only do on this side of Heaven. On of those things is to spread the good news, to love others and to bring them to God. And God will change them. Look around you, the harvest is ready, but the workers are few. Are you willing?

KLove's free song this week is :The harvester, Brandon Heath

Guitar tabs

The Harvester
Brandon Heath

[verse 1]
Up with the dawn and the rooster crow
Been that way since I don't know
Throw a little water on my face
C                                       G
Get out the door and greet the day

[verse 2]
Put my knees down on the ground
Sing to the Lord in a weary sound
Ask Him for the strength I need
Break my heart like a weed


C                                               G
For all that we've grown,   How could we forget
D                                               C
Those who don't know,  Or just don't know yet
C                                               G
Let's harvest this field,   From sunrise to sunset
D                                               C
The Master is coming,   We are not done yet                  
                                Em       C     (Am    C      G  D)
We are not done  yet    Yet     (Yet)

Bring out the sickle, Bring out the pail
Bushel full of wire, And a fork to the bale
Work through the pain in the rain or shine
C'mon y'all we still got time
We still got time


The turning of the season
Is upon us, my friends
Now's the time
All that was sown
Is there for the reaping

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