Surrender in 2013

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Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. I think this is something I have always been struggling with. I have recently been reading the account of Rebecca and Isaac in Genesis 24:1-67. This young lady was approached one day by the servant of Abraham (whom she has never met) and was asked to return with him and be married with the master's son. It's not as common these days to agree to blind marriages, but if I was her, would I be as willing to hand over my future to an unknown "master"?

But God doesn't want to be our part-time master, he wants to be our ONLY master. So in 2013, can I focus more on Him and less on me?

This week's free song from Klove is White Flag by Chris Tomlin


Verse One
_The battle rages on
As storms and tempests roar
We cannot win this fight
Inside our rebel hearts

______G(Ab)               Bm(Cm)   A(B)
We’re laying down our weapons  now

Bm(Cm)             G(Ab)
___We raise our white flag
D(Eb)       A(Bb)   Bm(Cm)   G(Ab)     D(Eb)       A(Bb)
___We surrender   all     to   You,       all    for    You
Bm(Cm)             G(Ab)       D(Eb)          A(Bb)
___We raise our white flag:    the war is over
Bm(Cm)     G(Ab)         D(Eb)     A(Bb)
Love   has  come, Your love has won

Verse Two
Here on this holy ground
You made a way for peace
Laying your body down
You took our rightful place

____G(Ab)               Bm(Cm)   A(B)
This freedom song is marching on


We lift the cross, lift it high, lift it high (x4)
____D(Eb)     G(Ab)          D(Eb)         A(Bb)
We   lift  the cross, Lift it  high, lift it  high (x4)

Chorus x2

____D(Eb)    G(Ab)         D(Eb)         A(Bb)
We  lift  the cross, Lift it  high, lift it  high (x4)

Outro: D(Eb)

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