Movie review: Evan almighty (2007)

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Movie Summary: A congressman gets elected into office but starts to neglect his family. He also finds out that he is being used by the big guns to create havoc on nature. At this time, "God" appears to Evan and tells him to build an ark. He is slowly being transformed into a biblical character and animals begin to come two-by-two. His wife, family and friends thinks he is crazy and some even turn out to just mock him. Finally, on the day, they discover why "God" told Evan to build an Ark.

My thoughts: As much as I don't like Steve Carell's acting in general, I actually really liked this movie. I thought it bought out the messages loud and clear to both children and adults alike. There was a good balance between comical relief and serious consequences. One of my most memorable parts of the movie is when "God" explains what an A.R.K is. It's an Act of Random Kindness. 

In 2011, flood waters devastated 70% of my home state. People's homes were destroyed. Lives were lost. The recovery efforts bought our state together and thousands of volunteers across the state and beyond joined in. I am currently writing this review in the comfort of my home. Which, fortunately is still with power and internet access. Thousands of homes across my state are once again threatened by flood waters. Gale force winds pound my windows. In 2011, my city was saved from the floods by the council's plans to upgrade the local dam. It was a funny idea, to build a dam during a drought, but undoubtedly, it helped to save my city. 

Sometimes we are asked to do crazy things by God. And if we are willing to take these crazy leaps of faith, we might just save a life or two... 

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