Movie Review: Identify Theft (2013)

21:22:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

Movie Summary: Sandy (male name) has his identity stolen by a lady in another state. She lives it up buying herself electronics, makeup, cars, etc. None of this appears to satisfy her. Meanwhile, Sandy's job and freedom is at stake as he tries to find her and get her to pay for her crimes. When he does find her, the story goes way over board.

My thoughtsThe movie is a timely reminder to change those passwords and to keep your identity safe. I'm not a fan. To really enjoy the film, you would need to really like over the top comedy and mild violence. I'm not a fan of either. It was made to be deliberately far fetched from the story line to the characters and the ending. I would not recommend this film to children without parental supervision. I would say it was a waste of my time, except I particularly enjoyed the ending, so if you make it that far, it would be worth your ticket.


Not to ruin the ending but WHO ON EARTH could ever befriend, like and accept someone who has ruined your life?

Well, Jesus can. You know, I sometimes wonder how Jesus could love us humans, especially after reading the bible. Over and over and over again we betray him. Yet, he chooses to find us, to get to know us, to accept us and to forgive us. He pays the ultimate price for our salvation! To find out more, visit a local church this Easter :).

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