movie review: the sapphires (2012)

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Happy International Women's day.

Movie review: The sapphires (2012)

Movie Summary: It's a musical movie based on a true story of the first all-female aboriginal girl singing group. Despite being the underdogs, the girls work hard to show that native girls can still put on a show- even during a war.

Interview with the original group:

My thoughts: What a fitting day to review such a great movie. The songs, sights and sounds were balanced to a tee. It was a joy to see. The movie challenged the biases of the time, including sexism, racism, financial imbalance in a background of war. But these themes are also greatly relevant today.

4 of 5 stars.

Oh yes, I cried. Love between family, friends, sisters and lovers are also explored, in a raw way.

It makes me want to sing and shout! But What are your thoughts on female worship leaders?

The role of females in leading worship has been debated in my close circle. I'm not entirely sure what my position is. At my current church, both the chinese and english youth leaders are females. And in my church, it's ok for female visiting pastors to deliver the sermon. But in other churches I have visited, the public leadership of women is confined to situations where they are leading other women. I have been reading the following article in addressing my concerns (I'm leading bible study again this week) . Of course I would rather a guy lead bible study and worship always and would happily hand over these duties to a willing God fearing man who He has called. However, at my church at least the guys are no where to be found. I am passionate about building up the guys in my children's sunday school to become leaders of the church one day. In the meantime, I believe God has given females skills to guide and support groups. And so girls, don't hesitate to put your hand up to support ministry as God has called you to do.

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