Nearly died today

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No joke. I nearly died today but God kept me safe.

I usually wear my headphones while walking into my office. Today, for some reason, I had taken them off before I boarded the bus. As I was approaching my office, I heard a rustling sound, I looked up and a giant tree branch fell at my feet. MISSED ME BY XXX MUCH. Drop bears are quite common in Australia. This was a pretty close call, the branch was longer than my torso. Without even being shaken, I moved to shove the branch out of the path and bystanders helped me move this large branch.

I have traded my life- all of it to God. I have surrendered my all, and in return, God has given me a life I am not worthy of. Safety and peace that I could never imagine. And I will continue to trust in Jesus as my Lord and saviour - even if my future appears to be uncertain, even if I cannot see when I will finish my PhD, where I would work after graduation, whether I will actually meet my future partner soon, whether I will have a family of my own. All this, I have surrendered and let go of. For God continues to show me each and everyday that he is faithful. 

Actually, we are faced with these near death experiences all too often. I have the assurance of eternal life- BUT DO YOU? What would happen to you if you died today?

站立 The Stand

Intro: A
You stood before creation 世界在你寶座前 
Deternity in Your hand 我主你永遠掌權 
A/C#                                F#m 
You spoke the earth into motion 是你創造天地萬物
My soul now to stand 我靈敬畏你 
You stood before my failure你接納我的過錯 

And carried the cross for my shame背起羞愧的十字架 

A/C#                                F#m 
My sin weighed upon Your shoulders 我的罪在你肩膀上
My soul now to stand 我靈敬畏你 


So what can I say 說些什麼  
Bm                         F#m 
And what could I do 做些什麼 
D          E 
But offer this heart O God Completely to You 全獻上給你 只能將我心  喔主

So I'll walk upon salvation  走在你救恩道路 
Your Spirit alive in me永活聖靈居住我心
This life to declare Your promise 生命要彰顯你應許
My soul now to stand 我靈敬畏你

So I'll stand 我站立
E                        F#m             D
With arms high and heart abandoned 手來全心敬拜 

A E F#m D
In awe of the One who gave it all 敬畏那位捨生命的主
I'll stand  我站立
E                  F#m
My soul Lord to You surrendered  喔主 我的一切都屬於你
D           A           E    F#m  

All I am is Yours 我完全降服

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