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I've had a bit of pressure over the last week. On Monday, my supervisor told me that he would probably not give me an extension. That means, the extra half a year that I had planned on having no longer exists. I have less than 4 months left to run all my analyses and have everything up to manuscript/publishable level. So for a little while, I will be working insanely hard. 
On Tuesday I received a call. Something was wrong with my data. I was going to cry. Not only have my deadlines been pushed up but I would have to redo many things again. And due to these compounding stressors I have found that I've been less gracious to those around me. I have been like a loom black cloud. But I knew it would be ok. As long as I try my best, my God will not let me fall. If he leads me here, he will lead me through my troubles. So I walked into the meeting on Wednesday full of hope. Despite the bad news, I was hopefully that this was going to make the project better. 
And Hope does not disappoint us!!! Last night, I hit the "run" button in my statistics program. And it was significant! Well, the results aren't all that exciting, but the fact that my syntax ran without a glitch and there was some kind of conclusion was exciting. I have worked sooo hard this week, waking up before the sun rises and working long past the sun setting. I have forgone my marathon training/ swimming and other cross-training and focused on this work. And it's done.

I am not perfect, but I'm working towards becoming more hopeful and joyful. Maybe next time disaster falls upon me, I will shine through.

The next few months will be incredibly difficult, but I know my God will carry me through!

From the album "A Heart For You Acoustic Live" by True Worshippers

Lyrics :
Shine Like Stars
Music and Lyrics by Sidney Mohede
Arranged by Daniel Sigarlaki
Lead Vocal : Sidney Mohede
Backing Vocals : Fanny, Shelvia, Augie, Ribka, Gianni

Look at the world we live today
Look at the hurting everywhere
Let us see mercy and your grace
overflowed in every place
Let us be one with you today
And let your glory fall....

Teach us to live in righteousness
Teach us to love with one accord
Guide us to live life everyday
As we worship in your court
Let us declare your majesty
And let your glory fall.....

We will shine
Shine like star above
Shining in your light
Guided by your love

Let your fire burn in us
Burning like the sun
As we glorify
And show your kingdom come
In all the Earth

We will shine like star above
As we're burning like the sun

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