Question evolution - part 1

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I just came home from the local Question Evolution Tour presentation ( Gary Bates and Johnathan Safati presented some information in refute of evolution. Being inspired by the presentation, I will present a series of blog entries dedicated to some issues they presented. I am not claiming to be an expert in the area, I can only present what I have read and heard. I will be guided by The Creation Answers book and Refuting Evolution; which I picked up tonight.

FIRST ISSUE: Evolution is considered a fact and a science
- Evolution taught widely as a fact in schools
- Evolutionists believe in Naturalism- that things made themselves.
- Yes, evolution maybe based on science, but this is not the testable, repeatable, observable experimental science we do in labs. It's forensic science based on many assumptions which have not be directly observed.  For example, we have to assume that the same processes in operation today were in operation in the past. So it's a best guess really.
- So believing in evolution also requires a leap of faith. It's a world view.

My own views in this area: I too have felt a little intimidated by the arguments of evolution. At some points in my life, I have been challenged about evolution. Even in my christian high school, they were teaching evolution in line with creation. They made minor adjustments like...6 days of creation can mean 6 periods of time... many years, or gaps in time, or having fossils even during the time when adam and eve were in eden. There are problems with these theories which will be addressed in later blog entries. This is the challenge- If you don't 100% believe in the creation of the world as written in the first few pages of the bible, how can you believe any of the bible? We Christians are not told to blindly follow what our leader says.

He answered: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" Luke 10:27. 

So indeed, we are told to THINK. To challenge the thinking of others. Let us continue to question evolution!

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E 4/4

A      B    E    A/E  E   E/G# A
主啊我曾尋求    仍     要    尋    求
One thing have I desired, that will I seek
         B         E
One thing have I asked of my King
A      B    E       A/E  E   E/G# A
要住在祢的殿中     一    生    一    世
To dwell in Your house fore’er, all of my days
         B         E
That I may gaze upon Your face

E  A      B    E   
因祢何等榮美 喔主
For You are beautiful, my King
E     A      B    E      A      B    E   
無人能像祢               Beautiful to me
There is none like You. Beautiful to me
E   A      B    E   
因祢何等榮美 喔主
For You are beautiful, my King
E   A      B    E    
無人能像祢 Beautiful to me
There is none like You. Beautiful to me

B/D#  C#m7  B

B/D#  C#m   
You are altogether lovely
B   E
My Lover and my Friend
E  B/D#  C#m  
You are altogether lovely
B   Em9
My Lover and my Friend

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