Why do we follow? Miracle after miracle

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Here is the brief version of my part in my grandpa's testimony.

Last June, we received a phone call from overseas. My grandpa was in a critical condition in hospital, his main artery had suddenly erupted. It was a miracle that my grandpa made it to the hospital. Most people who had that condition never make it to the hospital. When he went to the hospital, because he was also a patient with terminal cancer, he was given attention right away and the doctors rushed him away. Miracle #1.

The doctors told the family to be prepared that he would not last that night.
My family gathered together to pray, all of our family overseas contacted their relevant support networks and churches to pray for my grandpa. Although we could pray for a full recovery- for nothing is impossible for our God, we prayed instead that God gave my grandpa an opportunity to get to know him. Just an opportunity to make that choice.

Our prayers were answered, my grandpa had survived the night. Miracle #2. Even the doctors were shocked. Many family members who were overseas, including ourselves, tried our best to rush back to Hong Kong. For us to drop all our work, studies, and to buy plane tickets at such short notice was extremely difficult, so we were playing wait and see. Even if we rushed back, there could be no guarantees that my grandpa would still be alive when we got there. Amazingly, my aunty was able to book FREE tickets for my family and I to get back to HK, and wonderfully, I was able to just drop my work here at a moment's notice. When we arrived in HK, we found out my grandpa was no longer in a severely dangerous situation. Miracle #3. We were told that his situation got better knowing that we were all rushing back.

When I got to the hospital and saw my grandpa, I couldnt' help but cry. (Tears are flowing right now as I type and every time I share this testimony.) My grandpa lost one of his arms during the invasion of HK by the Japanese. Despite being disabled, he refused to receive the pension, instead, he worked hard. He believed he could take care of his family and over the years, despite our pleas he would not believe in Jesus Christ. Partly, I believe is because of his pride, tradition and because he didn't want to quit some of his habits of gambling and smoking. Anyway, I digress. My grandpa bought me up. He fed me with his one arm. I was a difficult baby/infant. I would even ask for milk all hours of the night "grandpa, milk milk" and he would carry me and give me milk with his one able arm. Because of my health condition, I would then on cue vomit everything I ate. Yet he continued to feed me. When I saw my grandpa in hospital last year, he was weak, connected to all types of tubes and had difficulty breathing. He would was strong was now weak.

Because my grandpa only had one arm, he couldn't press the emergency button if he needed any medical attention. So by special permission one family member at a time was allowed to be by his side 24 hours a day. He was in a large shared room and so each of us took a shift to look after my grandpa. Everyday, the doctors were surprised to see that he was still there. The christians amongst our family members took their turns to not only look after him but share with him hymns, bible verses, stories and testimonies.

I will share two of those stories/testimonies here. The first one is about bread. This isn't a story that's in the bible but has always been in my heart. Jesus and his two disciples John and Peter were out and Jesus said to them both, "grab a stone and follow me". Obediently, John and Peter each took up a stone and followed. John took a decent sized stone and followed, Peter, thinking that he is smart took a smaller one and followed. After some time, they became hungry and ask Jesus for food. Jesus turned the stones into bread and John had his fill, Peter ate the little he had. Again, Jesus told them to take a stone and follow him. Again John took a decent sized stone but this time Peter took a large stone- hoping that this will be turned into a large piece of bread. After some time, Peter asked Jesus, when are you going to turn this into a piece of bread? But Jesus turned and said I never said I was going to turn this into bread.

This story, although not in the bible points to the problem that many Christians face. Some may have chosen to follow Jesus because of things they thought Jesus would give them- money, good exam grades, food, shelter. Do we follow Jesus because of bread? Or do we follow because he told us to?

The second is from the bible, it's about Lazarus. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

John 11:25-26

New International Version (NIV)
 25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; 26 and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

Jesus himself died and rose back to life.

After I told this story, I asked whether my grandpa was willing to let Jesus be his Lord and Saviour. He nodded. I explained that we were all sinners (not just because some gamble or smoke, but because we have the sin of origin), that Jesus Christ chose to come and die for those sins because he loved us. All we have to do to obtain eternal life is to believe in him and follow him as Lord. I asked whether he was willing. He nodded. I told him that he must believe in his heart and confess with his mouth. By that stage, my grandpa had great difficulty breathing, let alone speaking. But with great determination he boldly said " I believe". Miracle #4.

This was followed up by a visiting pastor and other families and friends. He reaffirmed his conviction to anyone who would ask him. Several days later, my grandfather passed away. But during the last days of his life, my grandfather was peaceful. Miracle #5. He didn't complain of pain (even though he was drowning in his own blood). And as we gathered his belongings the other patients in the room asked whether we can sing Jesus songs and how they could believe. Even in his deathbed, my grandpa was witnessing for Christ.

This testimony brings me great hope.
1) For nonbelievers. Jesus doesn't promise great wealthy or things of this earth. But by his death, he has made us right with God. He rose to life and gives us the promise of eternal life.
2) For believers. Take every opportunity to spread the gospel, always be prepared to give an explanation of what you believe in. If my grandfather can do it in his last days, you can do it now too.

And I have been telling anyone who is keen to hear this testimony. Sometimes when I share this with people they cry, sometimes, they ask questions, sometimes they change. But it doesn't matter what the outcome is of this sharing. God will do his work in his own time. We each have a role in the kingdom of God. I am just so blessed to be able to see so many miracles after miracles.

My redeemer lives

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